Are you using Flickr differently now?

I can tell I was really wrapped up lately in prepping for my trade show, since I somehow missed this earlier on.   I mean how I missed the fact that every picture on Flickr was offered up for sale from July 3rd – 5th is simply amazing to me.  It wasn’t until I spotted it on the This Week in Photography Blog that I really took notice.

What has upset me more though is Flickr‘s response, or more correctly their lack of response.   After all, this wasn’t a common, grab a picture and use it sort of thing (which, btw it amazes me how many big corporation have been caught doing this).  This was a company using Flickr’s own API, to download images and sell them.  I expected some sort of response, even if they didn’t plan to make changes to the API, at least to clarify that this company did things wrong and didn’t use the API correctly.  Instead… silence.

Now, I love Flickr.  I have a pro account, I have bought pro accoutns for other people as gifts.  But I am uncomfortable with them right now.  I am certainly not, until they do or say something, going to upload any high res. photos to their site, and I am debating on what I should do with the photos that are already there.  Do, I pull them down?  Take the time to make low res. versions of all of them and replace what is there?  What about you?  Have you changed how you have used Flickr?


  1. What the hell?

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